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The Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast

Oct 4, 2019

Circumcision Chronicles Uncut Podcast #19: Video podcast with Anthony Losquadro of Intaction and Michael Winnel of the Foreskin Revolution

Discussion about intactivism around the world - The Worldwide Fight Against Circumcision - What's happening right now!

The Circumcision Chronicles Uncut...

Oct 1, 2019

Anthony Losquadro and David Grant, Directors of Intaction sit down with podcaster Xavier Diaz @prettynormalpod to discuss foreskin advocacy. We got to speak about why we have dedicated our lives to educating people about this, the dangers of circumcision, the myths and misconceptions and more. One of the guests even...

Oct 1, 2019

Anthony Losquadro, Director Intaction ( discusses the current state of circumcision in America with Cultivate Wellness Podcast host Brad Swail. Featuring the 4 Powers Of Foreskin, pain and trauma, FGM - Female Genital Mutilation, psychological harm.

Oct 1, 2019

Male circumcision, Female genital mutilation, pain & trauma, psychological harm, 4 Powers of foreskin, & intersex children's rights.

with Anthony Losquadro - Director of Intaction, and Dr. Wendy Walsh KFI AM640 iHeart Radio Network

Also included is a discussion about a man that confronted his circumciser obstetrician...

Oct 1, 2019

Anthony Losquadro, Director of Intaction, and Karen Hunter Sirius XM Urban View discuss circumcision, masturbation, religion, and female genital mutilation.

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